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The Stavros Niarchos Foundation announces the approval of eighteen new grants, the sixth installment in the ongoing €100 ($130) million initiative to assist against the continuing crisis in Greece

Jul 31, 2012
On July 31st, 2012, eight months after the first announcement of the Foundation’s intention to commit significant funds to help battle the dire social consequences of the economic crisis, its Board of Directors has moved forward with the approval of eighteen additional new grants totaling €8,636,000 ($ 10,636,098). The grants are part of the three year €100 ($130) million effort to provide Greek society with as much relief as possible.
In total, including today’s approved grants, the Foundation has committed €36,619,000 ($46,972,340) to date towards many different non-profit organizations around Greece, and continues its evaluation of other organizations for possible future support.
Following is a list of the eighteen organizations under their respective program areas:
Social Welfare 
Health and Medicine
Arts and Culture