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We believe that everyone has an equal, inalienable right to free access to knowledge and education.

Every human being has a world of possibility within, and all that’s needed to unlock that potential are the right conditions. We seek to open up educational opportunity, provide mentorship and guidance, and smash the obstacles that stand in the way of personal growth and development to help people claim a better future—the future that’s rightfully theirs.

Education doesn’t only take place in school and learning should be a lifelong endeavor. Schooling for young people is an important part of our work, but so are educational and professional development programs for adults.

Creating inclusive environments where people with disabilities, refugees, and everyone else belongs is a key priority, and public libraries offer a crucial model for what those environments can look like and an indispensable pillar of civic life.

grants dedicated to education
in grants dedicated to education

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Our education grants reach from Zambia to Cambodia to Greece to the United States.


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