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For over twenty-five years, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) has made grants to nonprofit organizations and projects around the world, working with an incredible community of partners to create transformative change whose benefits multiply and are shared widely.
Our mission, encompassing program areas of Arts & Culture, Education, Health & Sports, and Social Welfare, is broad by design. At its core are a fundamentally collaborative approach based on the expertise of partners on the ground, a commitment to public-private partnership, and a belief that everyone should have access to art, education, health care, and life’s other essentials.

This approach to empowering humanity has guided over 5,400 grants to nonprofit organizations in 134 countries.
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The past year, though filled with dire headlines, has reinforced our optimism that by collaborating with each other, we can meet urgent needs, avert looming crises, and make lasting change for the better. It has driven home the key role dialogue and convening people across boundaries and divides can play in addressing the most pressing issues of our time. It has strengthened our belief that each human being is a world of endless possibility, and that our role is to help unlock that potential to empower humanity.
Andreas C. Dracopoulos
SNF Co-President
Each summer in Athens, we come together for SNF Nostos, a celebration of bold ideas on pressing issues and of the power of coming together for joyful experiences like electrifying performances. A centerpiece of the event is an SNF Dialogues discussion, one installment in a traveling series of open, public conversations on timely topics. SNF Nostos is held at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, created through SNF’s largest single grant to date and given to the people of Greece in 2017, which welcomes visitors around the world to a vibrant public space and park, to the Greek National Opera, and to the National Library of Greece.


A primary ongoing focus for SNF is our multifaceted, Global Health Initiative (GHI), which aims to improve access to quality health care through a range of projects including building three new hospitals in Greece, offering new medical training programs, providing state-of-the-art equipment, leveraging international expertise to strengthen health infrastructure, and more.

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