New Stage

Operating support
To support the New Stage theatre in covering their rental payments and general expenses associated with their productions.  

The New Stage theater was founded by the famous Greek director and actor Lefteris Vogiatzis in 1982. It is built in a unique style with the stage in the center and the audience seated in three separate blocks around it. Vogiatzis is widely considered as one of the most talented and well-known directors and actors of contemporary Greek theater, and has won many awards and international recognition for his work. Because of his reputation, all performances are sold out and the theater is itself a legend of contemporary Greek theater, with many loyal supporters. Since its inauguration, the theater has produced a series of plays by great writers such as Chekhov, Kleist, Goldoni, Barker and Pinter, all of which involve the participation of new and up-and-coming actors, who are thus promoted.