Ark of the World

Renovation & Equipment
For the execution of repair/renovation works to a six level building which will help the organization to expand its charitable work.  The building will house a nursery and kindergarten school, which will be attended by the children of battered women, a small hostel that will provide accommodation to abandoned children and mothers, a dining room/restaurant, which will be used to provide daily meals for the homeless, teaching and educational halls, an amphitheater, and offices for the specialized staff, namely doctors, social workers and psychologists. 
The Ark of the World is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1998 by Father Antonios, with the aim of taking care of poor Greek and immigrant street children, coming from single-parent families (often single mothers), with the highest percentage of mothers being drug users and/or alcoholics. The ultimate goal of the association is to provide social and psychological support, as well as job placement to mothers, so that they can become financially independent and able to raise and care for their children, thus avoiding the institutionalization of the children. Within this context, the organization supports 150 women annually, while offering a multitude of services to 300 children aged 0 to 18, namely three meals per day, classes and help with homework in all basic school subjects, psychological support, and medical and dental services.