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A new initiative to renovate all Pediatric ICUs, and to support all Foster Care Institutions in Greece

Jun 10, 2010
In its last meeting, and as part of its commitment to expand its activities in Greece, the Foundation’s Board of Directors approved, among others, two grants that will contribute towards high-quality health care services, child protection and care for those in need. In particular, the grants pertain to renovating all Pediatric Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and to supporting all nineteen Foster Care Institutions in Greece. The two grants have a combined budget of nearly five (5) million Euros.

The first grant will secure high quality health services for all Greek hospitals that operate a Pediatric ICU. The program includes the establishment of a new Pediatric ICU at the University General Hospital of Larissa, renovations and the purchase of equipment for the Pediatric ICU and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the General Hospital of Thessaloniki «Hippocrates», and for the Pediatric ICUs at the Penteli General Hospital for Children, the University General Hospital of Patra, the University General Hospital of Crete, the Athens General Children’s Hospital “Pan. & Aglaia Kyriakou” and the “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital.  


The grant for the renovation of all Pediatric ICUs is not limited to construction, renovations and the purchase of medical equipment only. Given the importance of collaboration and communication between doctors, the grant also includes the installation of network interface equipment and software that will create a “network” between all ICUs, enabling them to communicate and exchange information.  


Acutely aware of the urgent needs that exist in the area of Social Welfare, the Board of Directors decided to support all Child Care Centers and “Pedopolis” facilities. The grant pertains to all Foster Care Institutions and includes construction and renovation projects, the purchase of equipment and vehicles, and subsidies for staff salaries, etc, depending on the particular needs of each Center.  


Child Care Centers and “Pedopolis” facilities are public institutions, regulated by Regional Healthcare Administrations. They accommodate orphaned or abandoned children, children of seriously ill or disabled parents, children of very poor families, or children who have been removed from their families by court order. The institutions assume the role of the children’s families, providing them with board and lodging, clothing, vocational training, recreation and emotional support by trained professionals. 


The 19 Centers included in the Program are the following: 


1st Regional Healthcare Administration of Attica 

  • Pedopolis “Aghia Varvara”  
  • Pedopolis “Aghios Andreas”      
  • “Anarrotirio Pentelis” Child Care Center 


2nd Regional Healthcare Administration of Piraeus & the Aegean 

  • “Mitera” Infant Center  
  •  Rhodes Child Care Center for Girls 

3rd Regional Healthcare Administration of Macedonia 

  • Florina Child Care Center for Boys  
  • Pedopolis “Aghia Olga” of Florina  



4th Regional Healthcare Administration of Macedonia & Thrace 


Papafio Child Care Center of Thessaloniki “Meliteus” 

  • Drama Child Care Center for Boys                   
  • Pedopolis “Aghios Georgios” of Kavala 



5th Regional Healthcare Administration of Thessaly & Central Greece: 

  •  Lamia Child Care Center for Boys 

6th Regional Healthcare Administration of Epirus, the Ionian Islands, Western 


Greece and the Peloponnese: 

  • Skagiopoulio Center for Boys of Patra 
  • Patra Child Care Center for Girls 
  • Ioannina Child Care Center for Girls 
  • Filiates Child Care Center for Boys  
  • Konitsa Child Care Center for Boys 
  • Pogoniani Child Care Center for Boys 

7th Regional Healthcare Administration of Crete  

  • Irakleio Child Care Center for Girls 
  • Pedopolis of Neapoli  

More information regarding the grants is available on the following web pages: 


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