Foster Care Institution Support Program

Foster Care Institution Support Program
For a program to support all Child Care Centers and “Pedopolis” (“Children’s Town”) facilities in Greece. The program aims to improve the living conditions of the children who reside in these institutions.

Child Care Centers and “Pedopolis” facilities are public institutions, regulated by Regional Healthcare Administrations. They are managed by five-member Boards of Directors, whose members are selected by the Minister of Health & Social Solidarity. 

The institutions accommodate orphaned and abandoned children, children of disabled or seriously ill parents, children whose parents cannot afford to raise them, and children who have been removed from their families by court order. 

Their mission is to provide children with care, education and vocational training. The institutions assume the role of the children’s families, providing them with room and board, clothing, vocational training, recreation and emotional support by trained professionals. The centers accept children whose age varies from place to place (newborn-18). Children are entitled to stay on until they have completed their education. The State, in an effort to decrease the number of children housed in institutions, has established a foster care scheme, whereby children are placed with temporary foster families, funded by the state, and have the opportunity to grow up in a family environment.

There are a total of 19 Centers included in the Foster Care Institution Support Program.

1st Regional Healthcare Administration of Attica
     1.    Pedopolis “Aghia Varvara”
     2.    Pedopolis “Aghios Andreas”
     3.    “Anarrotirio Pentelis” Child Care Center

2nd Regional Healthcare Administration of Piraeus & the Aegean
     4.   “Mitera” Infant Center
     5.    Rhodes Child Care Center for Girls

3rd Regional Healthcare Administration of Macedonia
     6.   Florina Child Care Center for Boys
     7.   Pedopolis “Aghia Olga” of Florina
4th Regional Healthcare Administration of Macedonia & Thrace
     8.   Papafio Child Care Center of Thessaloniki “Meliteus”
     9.   Drama Child Care Center for Boys                                       
    10.  Pedopolis “Aghios Georgios” of Kavala

5th Regional Healthcare Administration of Thessaly & Central Greece:
    11.    Lamia Child Care Center for Boys

6th Regional Healthcare Administration of Epirus, the Ionian Islands, Western Greece and the Peloponnese:
   12.    Skagiopoulio Center for Boys of Patra
   13.    Patra Child Care Center for Girls
   14.    Ioannina Child Care Center for Girls
Filiates Child Care Center for Boys 
   16.    Konitsa Child Care Center for Boys
   17.    Pogoniani Child Care Center for Boys

7th Regional Healthcare Administration of Crete
   18.    Irakleio Child Care Center for Girls
   19.    Pedopolis of Neapoli