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Update on the SNF Internship Program

Apr 29, 2022
The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) would like to thank and inform all SNF Internship candidates that the call for applications has now been completed.

We have been overwhelmed and at the same time are very appreciative of the many applications we received; after careful consideration (it was truly a competitive process) we have selected the candidates whom we will invite to join us for the SNF May 16 - August 12, 2022 SNF Internship period.

SNF would like to thank all candidates for participating in the open SNF Internship call, irrespective of course of the outcome of their application. We deeply appreciate the time and care that you have all invested in the process. Please note that we have received hundreds of worthy submissions for a very finite number of internship spaces.

Moreover, while in the Internship call that has just concluded we had announced openings for the 2022-2023 Fall-Winter SNF Internship cycle, we do acknowledge that this presented challenges for many of you, as the tight schedule of the call made forward planning difficult. As a consequence, we would like to inform you that a new dedicated call period will be open between August 1st 2022 and August 31st 2022, during which we will be accepting applications for the SNF 2022-2023 Fall-Winter internship which will take place from October 3rd 2022 to February 3rd 2023.

More details to follow. Thank you.