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The planting of the Stavros Niarchos Park has begun

May 26, 2014
On Friday, Μay 23rd at 10:07 AM the first tree of the Stavros Niarchos Park was planted. An olive tree of 3,5 meters height was planted at the Mediterranean garden of the park.

The Stavros Niarchos Park, one of the three main pillars of the SNFCC, will be a vital green space, a breath of life for Athens and an important addition to a city with the lowest per capita green space in Europe. Allées leading \into the Park, will be lined with tall pine and olive trees interspersed with smaller trees, creating a contrast between closed and open space, light and dark, color and texture. At the center of the Park will be the Great Lawn, an open space for larger gatherings, which can also function as a venue for concerts, festivals and films.

Greece’s strong horticultural tradition is celebrated in the open, sunlit Mediterranean Garden. The plant palette alone will make the garden a destination: evergreen and other endemic plants such as boxwood, coronilla, cistus, and lentisc, salvia, oregano, thyme, lavender, rosemary, roses and euphorbias – all add to the sensual pleasure of a visit. Each month will bring a new color, and each season will introduce a different combination of flowers or foliage.

Additional information about the Stavros Niarchos Park is available here.