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New Regulation for Grants to Public Sector Institutions in Greece

Aug 02, 2018
A new regulation in Greece aims to simplify the grantmaking procedures for grants from private entities to public sector institutions. The 55th Article was published at the Official Government Gazette of the Greek Parliament on Monday, July 30th, 2018.

This provision allows public bodies to accept grants from private entities, including private philanthropic organizations, and implement them according to private economic criteria, thus speeding up the processes for the completion of a grant, ultimately aiming to support programs that benefit society at large. This new regulation relieves both donors and grantees from bureaucratic procedures, and encourages the private sector to actively support state institutions at a time when Greece is still suffering from the continuing and adverse socioeconomic crisis.

More specifically, as mentioned in the Official Government Gazette of the Greek Parliament (139/Α/30-7-2018) through the article “Regulation of issues pertaining to grants made to public sector institutions”, contracts for the supply of goods, services or works undertaken by public sector bodies for the implementation of grants made by private entities will, moving forward, be regulated directly through contracts between the private donor and the public sector institution, and will be exempt from the existing legislation for awarding and executing public contracts. The terms which will determine such contracts are presented in detail through the specific Article.

For more information on the new regulation (Article 55) click here.
(Text only available in Greek)