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BOMB Fellows See the Arts Editorial Process from Idea to Publication

Jul 30, 2021
Editorial Fellows at BOMB Magazine gain hands-on insights into every stage of the process that leads from artists’ work to reviews and interviews published online and in print.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) supported BOMB, a nonprofit publication covering disciplines from writing to architecture to dance, in hosting Editorial Fellows in Performing Arts and Oral Histories each year for three years.

Kristen Kubecka, the most recent Performing Arts Fellow, edited nearly 50 pieces for web and print, covering theater, film, art, and music, during her tenure.

"BOMB is an incredible community of artists, intellectuals, and writers who are genuinely passionate about the work that they do, yet it still manages to maintain a friendly and down-to-earth work environment,” said Kubecka.

“The Performing Arts Fellowship allowed me to learn and conduct the editorial process from conception to publication, attend inspiring performances and screenings, gain confidence in my ability to commission and curate content independently, and constantly delve into disciplines that interest me. Not only was I given considerable support from my mentors, but I was also given space and time to form my own process, ideas, and projects. The combination of mentorship and autonomy I received was so generative for my growth, and I am immensely grateful to have had this opportunity."

SNF’s support for the Editorial Fellowships also encompasses the BOMB Oral History Project, which seeks to record the histories of Artists of African descent in New York City. Learn more about SNF’s work to help provide opportunities for personal and professional growth to early-career professionals.