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Social Housing & Homeless

The economic crisis in Greece has resulted in a sudden and dramatic increase in poverty levels across the country. The total population receiving some sort of aid (food, shelter, clothing, school supplies, and medical assistance) in Athens is rising at an alarming rate. Despite high levels of home ownership in Greece, the country is also experiencing sharp increases in homelessness. The SNF in collaboration with Praksis created an innovative anti-poverty program, titled “ΣΥΝ ΣΤΟ ΠΛΗΝ” (Plus to Minus), with a dual focus:

  • Intervention by providing Relief through  Day Center Facilities for the homeless of the greater area of Athens (Attica), and Thessaloniki
  • Prevention through the “Households Self Sufficiency Route” for families facing the threat of homelessness.

Evaluation Report of  the “Syn sto Plyn” Program by Deloitte