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Mobile Medical Units

The Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) is an initiative undertaken by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) and is carried out with the exclusive support of the SNF, by the NGO “Regeneration & Progress”, in collaboration with the Health Units S.A.

Travel with the MMU team on their 100th mission - Deskati, Grevena, October 2021

In October 2021, the MMUs reached the 100 missions, which began in 2014 in Kastelorizo. Every month, throughout the year, the MMUs visit islands and remote areas in Greece, responding to the fundamental need of all residents of the country for open access to all medical specialties, as well as to specialized medical equipment.

Mobile Medical Units travel to the Greek Island of Kimolos - March 2019

Mobile Medical Units travel to the Greek Island of Schinoussa - January 2019

The two fully equipped MMUs implement and execute an innovative holistic health program across Greece, whereby residents of the country’s remote areas receive high quality medical care from professionals of all specialties, free of charge.

Mobile Medical Units travel to Sidirokastro - January 2019

MMUs are both equipped with a digital mammography unit, a dental unit and a bone density scanner and other specialized equipment, thereby providing the opportunity to the experienced staff to create and organize within two hours a clinic in a public space of each area. Each MMU mission is tailored to the particular medical needs of each area.

Mobile Medical Units travel to the Greek Island of Anafi - December 2018

On the 5th year of implementation, MMUs contribute significantly to the prevention of illnesses, the upgrading of the residents’ quality of life and the reduction of emergency medical cases.

In addition to the MMUs’ activities, the missions include the analysis of the clinical examinations carried out as part of the missions, the updating of the patients’ medical record, as well as lectures focusing on healthy eating, learning difficulties and first aid lessons for all the residents.

During their missions, MMUs’ scientific staff found that a high rate of children suffered from obesity. To that end, in 2015, the Sport Paths program was initiated with the SNF’s exclusive support, aiming to improve the quality of life of children on the islands, through the implementation of activities that promote mental and physical health. The Sport Paths initiative is designed and implemented by the NGO “Regeneration & Progress”.