Mobile Medical Units

The Medical Mobile Units is an initiative undertaken by the SNF in collaboration with the Olympic Village Polyclinic with the aim of offering health care programs to residents of islands and remote areas throughout Greece.

The SNF grant allowed the purchase of two Mobile Medical Units and an MRI scanner, as well as necessary medical equipment that ensure the medical units’ capacity to meet basic needs and provide open access to reliable and comprehensive healthcare services for all.

The two fully equipped Mobile Medical Units implement and execute an innovative health program throughout Greece, whereby residents of the country’s remote areas receive high quality medical care from professionals of all specialties, free of charge. In particular, the Mobile Medical Units provide access to the following specialists: gynecologist, dietician, cardiologist, dentist, orthopedist, ophthalmologist, pulmonologist and otolaryngologist. In addition, the Mobile Medical Units are capable of performing specialty procedures, as they are both equipped with a digital mammography unit, a portable X-ray machine, and a bone density scanner.

Patients visiting the Olympic Village Polyclinic Village, following the visits of the Mobile Medical Units, either due to the doctors’ recommendations or in their own accord, will be treated as per the general process followed by the Olympic Village Polyclinic. Specifically, and according to the Polyclinic, “destitute patients will be treated free of charge, patients insured at EOPYY will follow regular process as determined by the organization while patients with private insurance will be treated as per the process determined by their insurance company.