Food Aid & Promotion of Healthy Nutrition Program

The Food Aid & Promotion of Healthy Nutrition Program is an initiative undertaken by the SNF in collaboration with Prolepsis.  The Program is addressed to students attending public schools located in socio economically vulnerable areas. The program has a dual aim, as it provides all students participating with the opportunity to receive a daily free, healthy meal, which covers 24-31% of the students’ daily energy needs, and 53-64% of their recommended daily protein requirements. At the same time, the Program introduces to the schools and, through the students, to the families, new nutritional models and habits that promote a healthy lifestyle. By providing specially designed materials and organizing educational events and activities, the Program supports healthy eating and the overall promotion of health, both for students and their families, ensuring that the benefits of the Program will have a positive impact on both the contemporary citizens and residents of Greece, and its future generations.


Evaluation Report of the Food Aid & Promotion of Healthy Nutrition Program by Deloitte