Initiative Against the Greek Crisis (1st Program: 2012-2015, 2nd Program: 2015-2016)

Out Here: a documentary film presenting the impact of the first ‘Initiative Against the Greek Crisis’ (2012-2015)

The Initiative Against the Greek Crisis is an emergency grant program of the SNF to nonprofit organizations in Greece. The Initiative aims to help alleviate the severe consequences of the socioeconomic crisis and assist those most in need to navigate through these difficult circumstances in the least painful way possible.

The first program was announced in 2012 with a three-year span, during which the amount of €100 ($130 million) was distributed to organizations focusing primarily on the areas of Social Welfare and Health, while also on the areas of Education and Culture. The 220 allocated grants supported social programs that offer assistance to those exposed the most to the consequences of the crisis, and in the meantime ensuring the sustainability of hundreds of nonprofit Greek organizations, whose programs have multiple positive effects on the Greek society.

Upon the completion of the first phase of the program, a second phase was introduced in June 2015, announcing the allocation of another €100 million ($112 million), this time within one year, intensifying the efforts against the ongoing crisis in Greece and providing immediate support to the most vulnerable groups of society.

Both of these Initiatives are implemented above and beyond the Foundation’s standard grantmaking activities, which continue as usual.

The Foundation’s objective and wish remains to support in a comprehensive manner, with consistency and planning, noteworthy programs and initiatives which have the ability to offer support and bring about positive and lasting changes for the entire society.

The impact of the first grant Initiative (2012-2015) was presented in a report by Deloitte which was commissioned by the SNF, as well as in a short documentary film, showcasing real-life stories of people who received practical support in the midst of the crisis.

Out Here: the trailer of the documentary

Executive Summary of the Impact Assessment of the Initiative against the Greek Crisis by Deloitte

Complete Report of the Impact Assessment of the Initiative against the Greek Crisis by Deloitte

Brochure on the Initiative Against the Greek Crisis

To watch the Press Conference: Initiative against the Greek crisis – A year of action for Greece, click here.