Program support
For research and planning to expand the VillageReach model to one or more additional countries in Africa.
Founded in Seattle in 2000, VillageReach works to improve the health and quality of life in remote areas of developing countries.  VillageReach empowers governments and local partners to bring health care and other essential services to the rural poor.  VillageReach does not provide health services, but provides access to and improves the quality of health services.  It works to develop sustainable health care delivery systems, focusing on human resources, physical infrastructure, support systems, community development and income generation. The organization has established a program in two northern provinces of Mozambique that serves 251 clinics covering a population of 5.2 million.  VillageReach workers supervise clinic workers, ensuring their knowledge of propane use, basic refrigerator maintenance, and the importance of clear communication with patients. They also provide community education and teach people about the importance of immunizations. The VillageReach model is designed to be adopted and absorbed by the Ministry of Health so that the program can be maintained in the future.