Special Schools Support


For specialized equipment to care for students with disabilities and for support for schools and training centers that serve the disabled population.

The special education schools and training centers support children and young adults with special needs. Their goal is to educate the disabled through services tailored to their individual needs, to assist in social integration, to teach autonomous living skills, and to offer psychological support to disabled children and their families. The schools and training centers offer activities including speech therapy, physiotherapy, and gymnastics, and classes on gardening, painting, music and cooking.

Requests for assistance come from various special schools and training centers from many regions of Northern and Central Greece. They include the following:

  • The Special Elementary School for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing in Serres, which educates and aids the social integration of children with hearing problems from Serres and the broader Eastern Macedonia and Thrace region;
  • The Karpenisi Training and Vocational Center, which addresses the special needs of students ages 13-22 who have mental and physical disabilities;
  • The Special Elementary School of Trikala, which serves students who have various physical and mental disabilities;
  • The Trikala Technical & Vocational Center, which caters to the needs of children and young adults with mild and moderate mental disabilities;
  • The Center for Creative Activity for Disabled Children in Agrinio (operated by the municipality of Agrinio), which caters to 100 people ages 7-40 whose disabilities are primarily mental;
  • The Special Elementary School of Giannouli, which serves students from the wider Larissa prefecture who have various mental, learning and physical disabilities; and
  • The Special Professional Education Center of Nea Potidea in Chalkidiki,  which offers secondary education to children ages 14-22 who have mild mental disabilities.

The students of the Trikala Technical & Vocational Center, their parents, and their teachers honored the hundredth anniversary of Stavros Niarchos’s birth on July 3, 2009. [more]