Social Educational Action – Support Center for Children and Family

Program support

For the design and implementation of a 4-year program to promote healthcare among socially secluded children and their families. 

The program’s goal is to sensitize and inform the communities of Roma about issues relating to family planning and abortions, personal hygiene, vaccination, and accident prevention. The program also refers patients to health centers that treat drug and alcohol abuse. 

The Child & Family Support Center was founded in 1997 by the not-for-profit organization Social & Educational Action following the latter’s decision to target the needs of the socially isolated children, widely known as “street children," who typically belong to religious, national and racial minority groups. The Center helps children of school age enrol in local schools and assists them with their homework and monitors their progress. Children are taught the importance of preventive healthcare measures, such as visits to the doctor and vaccinations. They are encouraged to learn how to care for themselves and given instruction on basic hygiene and cooking lessons. The Center also provides children with extracurricular opportunities, such as visits to cultural and educational attractions.  Finally, the center offers parents much-needed psychological support.