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Pro-Natura International

Project support in Madagascar and Mozambique
For the “Our Planet Reviewed” initiative to expand knowledge of the “gaps” in the exploration and description of biodiversity hotspots worldwide.  The initiative is being launched by Pro-Natura International and its partner, the National Museum of Natural History. An initial two-year program will take place in Africa, where marine and terrestrial operations will focus on the most threatened biodiversity hotspots in Madagascar and Mozambique. A series of terrestrial and marine expeditions will be conducted to complete a detailed biodiversity survey focusing on both the richest and the least well-known species. The survey will involve 150 to 200 international scientists and technicians on different expeditions over the course of five months.

Pro-Natura International is a non-governmental organization that specializes in sustainable development. Its efforts focus on the social, economic and environmental problems facing rural communities in Southern hemisphere countries. Pro-Natura seeks to mobilize groups of experts, international programs and institutions concerned with two major current environmental issues: preservation of biodiversity and climate change. Pro-Natura works with these groups to implement ecodevelopment projects in environmentally threatened areas of the world.

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