Parish Churches Food Aid Program Support

Program support
For the support of 5 Parishes that offer food aid to vulnerable groups of people that live in the area of each parish, such as low income families, children, elders and immigrants.
Through financial support, renovation of the kitchen area or purchase of new kitchen equipment, the main goal of this effort is to improve the food preparation facilities, by providing better equipment, improving work conditions and meeting the hygiene standards set by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. 
The program involves the following parish churches:
  1. Parish Church of St. Meletios in Sepolia, Athens 
  2. Parish Church of The Virgin in Ano Patisia, Athens 
  3. Parish Church of Profiti Iliou in Rizoupoli, Athens 
  4. Parish Church of St. Andrea in Patisia, Athens 
  5. Parish Church of Metropolis Demetrias in Volos