Municipality of Kallithea - Program support - Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Municipality of Kallithea

Program support

The grant supports the funding of a traffic study regarding the SNFCC surrounding area traffic management and day-to-day operation.

Kallithea spreads out between Athens and the Bay of Faliro, in an area of 450 hectares. The town of Kallithea, in its contemporary form, was established in the late 19th century. After the destruction of Asia Minor, in 1922, an influx of around 25,000 refugees, who settled permanently in the area, halted the development of Kallithea into a leisure suburb. The town broke away from the Municipality of Athens in 1925; and was subsequently declared a separate Municipality in 1933. After the war, internal migration, which began in the 1950s and 1960s, gave Kallithea a metropolitan character; during the 1970s, wide use of the flat-for-land scheme (the Greek “antiparochi system”) led to a wave of construction and to yet another major increase in population, but deprived the town of free space. The 2004 Olympic Games breathed new life into the area, signaling the beginning of a new round of development for Kallithea.