Lyceum of Greek Women

Atlanta Chapter - Program support

For supporting efforts to enhance education programs: maintenance and repair work on the costume collection, funding for the continuing education of instructors, and establishing a central and accessible home for library materials.

Lyceum of Greek Women (Lykion Ton Ellinidon) is an international educational and cultural organization dedicated to preserving Hellenic folkloric tradition and customs through dance, music, song, costume, language and handicrafts.  The Atlanta chapter, established in 1995, seeks to enlighten succeeding generations of Greeks in the area through its educational programs and inspire in them a passion for their Greek legacy.  Its folk dance school instructs more than 100 students (ages four to adult) annually and its dance repertoire, songs and costumes represent more than 20 different regions of Greece.  Dancers of the Atlanta chapter of the Lykion also participate in programs and exhibits at schools, museums and festivals in the greater Atlanta area for the purposes of educational and cultural outreach.