Les Blouses Roses Animation Loisir a l’Hopital A.L.H.

Operating support
For general operating support and for training courses of the volunteers.

Les Blouses Roses was created in 1945 and is headquartered in Paris. Since 1967 the organization has been recognized as a Public Utility. It is also a member of ANAMS (Alliance Nationale des Associations en Milieu de Santé) and part of the European networks EACH (European Association for Children in Hospital) and APACHE (Association pour l’Amélioration des Conditions d’Hospitalisation des Enfants). Les Blouses Roses organization is present in 398 hospitals and old people’s homes in 167 cities of France. The local committee in Antibes was created in 1976. Its mission is to assist the hospitalized, handicapped and the elderly through hospital and home visits, room decoration, distribution of magazines and books, and by fostering the creative development of the infirm.