Child Protection Center of Lasithi

Renovations and equipment
A part of the Foster Care Institution Support Program.

The grant includes the purchase of hotel equipment and electrical appliances and the replacement of the building’s interior doors.

The Child Protection Center of Lasithi is a public institution that was founded in 1947 as a Housekeeping School, housing solely girls who were taught an art, namely weaving and embroidery. From 1967 to 1979, it operated as a boarding house for boys and in 1970 it was renamed National Solidarity Institution. In November 2012, following the restructuring of the Social Solidarity Institutions, it was renamed Child Protection Center of Lasithi, The aim of the Center is to provide permanent accommodation, protection, education, social and medical care, psychological and legal support solely to unprotected and neglected boys. The ultimate goal is to prevent and remedy the effects of the socio-economic exclusion experienced by the children in order to be prepared for an independent adult life.

The Center’s mission is to provide care, education and training for unprotected children without a family. It currently accommodates 22 boys, ages 5-18 years old.