Association François-Xavier Bagnoud, FXB USA

Program support in Rwanda and Uganda
For reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS in Rwanda and Uganda through prevention, treatment, education and community development programs.
In Rwanda, where over 5% of the population is living with HIV/AIDS, FXB concentrated in particular on female heads of households, many of whom are widows. FXB assisted in income generating activities and improved access to comprehensive medical care and treatment. In addition, the organization helped over 1,000 children and teenagers continue with their primary, secondary and vocational education.
In Uganda, where it is estimated that 530,000 adults and children live with HIV/AIDS, FXB concentrated its efforts on the Luweero district, which has one of the highest percentage of orphans (15%) in the country. FXB improved basic health care for 300 patients, helped at least 100 guardians of AIDS orphans to develop income-generating activities, and provided resources to enable over 500 orphans to attend primary school and secondary school.