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SNF X Poliprespa: Τhe documentary series on our support for the program promoting the development of Prespes

In one of the most sparsely populated parts of Greece, Prespes, a place of natural beauty and tranquility, human intervention would seem superfluous.

The three-episode docuseries about our support for Poliprespa, the project for the sustainable development of the Prespes Protected Area, shows how this time human intervention is to the good, the good of the land and its people.


Education, sports, and culture initiatives


Agri-environmental programs and ecotourism


Environmental management and rural development

I feel that we managed to preserve whatever was already good and improved it, and what was not there, we have created. And I have hope that we can continue to do this.
Zenia Anastasiadou
Poliprespa Project Social & Cultural Action Coordinator, Society for the Protection of Prespa