SNFCC Fountains Dance to Disco, Opera, Classical Music, and Famous Movie Scores
01 June 2021

Since the Dancing Fountains at the SNFCC Canal debuted with spectacular choreographed water shows during the 2019 SNF Nostos summer celebration, they have captivated visitors of all ages.

Starting Tuesday, June 1, impressive new water shows set to a different genre of music every day will enrich the Dancing Fountains’ repertoire. From disco and well-known film soundtracks to opera and classical music, and from Mozart and Vivaldi, Nyman and Morricone, Skalkottas, Hadjidakis, and Koumendakis to the Bee Gees and ΑΒΒΑ, the thematic evening displays will take visitors on a magical journey of sound and motion.

The Dancing Fountains were created at the initiative and with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Check out the detailed program here.