If this Exhibit Does its Job, you’ll Leave with Questions
18 May 2021

Why do rainbows curve? When we look closer, even the most familiar phenomenon or object proves to be a gateway to a spectrum of deeper questions, big and small. These questions form the basis of scientific inquiry, artistic exploration, and a new exhibit at We the Curious, an interactive science center in Bristol, England.

The new exhibit, entitled What If, started with 15,000 questions submitted by everyday Bristolians. The outcome is 68 exhibits and 25 works of art, clustered around questions on broad themes varying from Rainbows, to Soul, to Invisibility. Visitors of all ages can chat with a robot, broadcast a message into space, learn about health inequalities, and study the science of happiness.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) provided support for the exhibit, designed to be the first exhibition in the UK based on the curiosity of its home city.