Exploring Our Shared Humanity across the Millennia through Hellenic Studies
15 April 2021

Hellenic studies can offer a lens for understanding our globalized world, a window into how knowledge is created and debated, a cipher that helps us decode and contextualize the traces of Greek culture all around us.

The field measures the incredible diversity of human thought, creativity, and enterprise, as well as a sense of common humanity shared across continents and millennia.

Providing support to Hellenic studies programs at universities around the world has been a significant and sustained focus for the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). The Foundation’s aim has been to help create robust hubs of scholarship in the field—through which scholars from many related disciplines work together, conduct research, and engage the public—and to encourage international collaboration across institutions.

Among many other projects in the field, SNF has provided support for Hellenic studies at:

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