SNF Suspends Grant to the Hellenic Sailing Federation - Stavros Niarchos Foundation

SNF Suspends Grant to the Hellenic Sailing Federation
17 JANUARY 2021

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), in a letter to the President of the Hellenic Sailing Federation (EIO), expressed its shock and dissatisfaction with the response and the statements of the Federation regarding the very serious allegations by Olympic champion Sofia Bekatorou. SNF is therefore suspending its current grant to the Federation for its sailing training program for athletes with disabilities.

With the suspension of the grant, SNF does not, in any way, aim to penalize the direct beneficiaries, who are athletes with disabilities and the sailing clubs that support them but, on the contrary, to protect them as well as the employees of the Federation.

In the letter, which was also addressed to the Board of Directors of the Federation, SNF states its intention to completely cancel the grant unless it receives sufficient and satisfactory assurances, within 30 days, that these matters will be dealt with in a comprehensive and final manner.

SNF, the letter notes, places strong emphasis on the ethics and the character of the people involved, as well as on effective administration and sound management, when selecting grantees. Any suspicion of wrongdoing in the operation of an organization and the behavior of its executives raises critical questions about the organization's ability to do its work and therefore cannot and should not be ignored.