An Indoor-Outdoor Exhibition by Women Artists, Inspired by Poetry
22 October 2020

“Lipiu is what I call the place I've invented to go when I am deeply sad, a state that’s increasingly intense, since all the dressed-up landscapes of the end begin to smell of stagnant water and rotten fruit,” wrote Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke in her poem “Lipiu.”

Eight months after her passing, the out-of-place place created by the poet in her poems “Lipiu” and “Lipiu Revisited” provides the artistic starting point for works by 10 contemporary women artists.

The “Lipiu” exhibition is organized and hosted by the A-Dash art and project space with a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). It begins in the A-Dash building at 74 Asklipiou Street in Athens and unfolds from there along the street, reflecting an experience of emotion projecting outward from the inside and vice versa.

The exhibition runs October 31 through November 22 and will feature public programming broadcast through the A-Dash website.

Subject to current public health guidelines. Check before planning your visit for the latest information.