Mobile Medical Unit Missions to Remote Areas of Greece Resume
16 June 2020

The Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) set sail once again for remote islands and isolated regions of mainland Greece, after more than two months of avoiding travel to help contain the pandemic and providing remote care.

The first stop for this month is Folegandros (June 20-23), followed by Anafi (June 26-29).

The MMU’s nurses and doctors will offer residents and visitors of the two islands free health check-ups and medical examinations in a number of different specialties. The MMUs have adapted their services to the new conditions, incorporating a new counseling program for people at increased risk of infection with COVID-19 that includes therapeutic exercises. At the same time, the MMUs are making efforts to create a blood bank for every small island in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, as well as areas of mainland Greece, in collaboration with the Department of Blood Donation at Attikon University Hospital.

Since 2014, the Mobile Medical Units have completed a total of 70 missions to isolated islands and remote regions of Greece. The MMU initiative was created by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) and is carried out, with exclusive support from SNF, by the nonprofit Regeneration & Progress, in collaboration with Health Units SA.