Bioactive Ιnks Αre the Νew Βlack
11 June 2020

That spot on your shirt?

Today it’s soup, but tomorrow it could be sensing what’s going on inside your body, thanks to work by Tufts University’s Silk Lab and Dr. Fiorenzo Omenetto.

The new bioactive inks, which can be applied to wearable fabrics with the same basic screen-printing technique widely used on graphic t-shirts, can be used to detect the physiological state of the wearer and other conditions like, potentially, the presence of pathogens. They represent an original approach to the area of wearable sensors, most of which are electronics-based.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) provided support for the research through which the inks were developed, and Dr. Omenetto joined the 2019 SNF Conference.