SNF joins Africa Business Media Innovators conference in Senegal
11 NOVEMBER 2019

Since 2015, the Africa Business Media Innovators conference has brought together media executives, government officials, journalism experts, and other stakeholders.

The event focuses on sharing ideas and considering the challenges of the moment in the African media landscape.
Africa Business Media Innovators 2019 is taking place in Dakar, Senegal from November 10 through 12. Representatives from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) as well as the incubator for Media Education and Development (iMEdD), a nonprofit organization exclusively supported by SNF, are taking part in the conference.
The conference is underwritten by Bloomberg Philanthropies. SNF has partnered with Bloomberg in supporting Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa’s Financial Journalism Training Program, which builds familiarity with capital markets, public policy, and economics and develops skills in data analysis, accounting, and journalism among journalists. The Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa, of which the Financial Journalism Training program is the centerpiece, looks to enhance business and financial reporting capacity as a way to encourage accountability and sound governance. SNF and iMEdD representatives had a chance to see the Financial Journalism Training Program in action last week.