“Newsroom Essentials” from the Columbia School of Journalism to iMEdD
03 OCTOBER 2019

On Thursday, October 3, the new thematic cycle of iMEdD's Ideas Zone program, entitled "Newsroom Essentials" was launched.

This particular cycle is designed and implemented in collaboration with the Columbia School of Journalism, and will run until November 22, 2019.

Participants in the first section of “Newsroom Essentials,” on “Video and Multimedia Journalism,” are learning to produce compelling video stories under the guidance of Columbia Journalism Professor, Duy Linh Tu.
The second part, presented by data journalist Gianna-Carina Grün and Jonathan Soma, Director of the Columbia School of Journalism's Lede Program, focuses on “Data Journalism,” covering a wide range of topics, from data retrieval to visualization.

In the third section, titled “Investigative Journalism” and presented by journalist Sara Silver, participants will delve into investigative journalism starting from research techniques and methods up to the importance of collaboration and teamwork in research journalistic projects.

“Newsroom Essentials” concludes with an introduction to entrepreneurship in journalism. Presented by Corey Ford, co-founder and CEO of Matter, a startup accelerator in News Media with an aim to create a more informed, aware and inclusive society, and Professor of Professional Practice Raju Narisetti.

The nonprofit organization iMEdD, the incubator for Media Education and Development, was founded in 2018 through an exclusive grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). Its mission is to support transparency, credibility, and independence in journalism to promote meritocracy and excellence in the field.