It’s an Existential Threat to Humanity. How Do we Get Something Done About It?
08 October 2019

The planet faces a climate emergency, but in the face entrenched economic and political interests, scientific denialism, and the indifference of those with the privilege of ignoring it, action addressing it is painstakingly slow. How can we effect meaningful change?

A joint event put on by three organizations at Johns Hopkins University—the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Agora Institute, Centers for Civic Impact, and 21st Century Cities—discussed “Passion to Action: Three Approaches to Tackling Climate Change—and Other Real-World Issues.”

The event, for Johns Hopkins students, took place on Monday, October 7 on the University’s campus in Baltimore. Joining in conversation with SNF Agora Director Hahrie Han are Centers for Civic Impact Executive Director Beth Blauer and 21st Century Cities Director Matthew E. Kahn.

Drawing inspiration from the Agora of ancient Athens, which was a hub of conversation and debate and the center of the city-state’s democratic governance, SNF committed $150 million to a joint effort with Johns Hopkins University to create the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Agora Institute in 2018. The SNF Agora Institute brings together experts from political science, psychology, philosophy, and beyond to foster open and inclusive discourse.