Five years of offering a brighter future for young Greeks
15 October 2019

How can we address chronic problems facing Greece such as rising unemployment rates and a brain drain of talent?

Solutions require the long-term vision to look years into the future.

Five years on from the establishment of the ReGeneration program by the Global Shapers Athens Hub, a World Economic Forum initiative, the results are very encouraging. In this period, ReGeneration, a paid job placement, personal support, and professional development program for young graduates, has provided job opportunities to more than 1,100 young people, developing a network of 400 partnering employers. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) supports the implementation of the program. The program applies a holistic approach, and is not limited to supporting young people only in finding jobs. Expert partners evaluate the profiles of participants and offer counseling as well as training for personal and professional development.

As ReGeneration issues its five-year report, Stelios Vassilakis, SNF Director of Programs & Strategic Initiatives, commented: “ReGeneration’s approach to addressing youth unemployment in Greece and the country’s recent brain drain is both resolutely optimistic and firmly grounded in realism, a combination necessary for any sustainable long-term solution.

Read the full program report here.