Theater of War Αnnounces Νew Projects
22 August 2019

Theater of War Productions excels at taking the social issues we worry—but don’t talk—about and opening meaningful conversations on them with diverse audiences.

What hyper-relevant matrix gives the context to make this possible? Plays written thousands of years ago in a dead language, mostly.

New projects for the fall of 2019 include works touching on eldercare and refugees, among a range of other topics.

The King Lear Project will bring to life scenes from Shakespeare’s play, whose titular character is an aging king in tragic decline, to spark discussion on aging, elder care, and dementia.

A project based on a modern play, The Investigation, by Peter Weiss, will looks across cultures at the evil impacts of mass murder.

Another project based on Aeschylus’ The Suppliants, about a group of women seeking asylum in the city of Argos, is under development.

Theater of War will also be performing their eponymous project, Theater of War, to incoming students at Columbia University as part of the University’s celebration of the hundredth year of its Core Curriculum. The project explores the psychological impacts of war on those who fight through Sophocles’ Ajax and Philoctetes, making it a good match for Columbia’s Core, which developed with an emphasis on the value of the humanities as a response to the horrors of the First World War.

As with Theater of War’s ongoing projects, performances of the new projects will all be free. The ten-week free run of Antigone in Ferguson in Brooklyn this summer affirmed the broad relevance of Theater of War’s work, drawing 15,000 attendees.