The Mobile Medical Units Reach Solid ground, in Sidirokastro, Messinia
05 June 2019

For a few days in late January, the Mobile Medical Units visited Sidirokastro, the village of sculptures, art and letters.In addition to remote islands, the Mobile Medical Units also visit remote areas of mainland Greece. 

Despite the cold, the cloudy weather, and the rain, more than 250 people—young and old—from Sidirokastro and the surrounding areas showed up to meet with the doctors of the Mobile Medical Units, with or without a scheduled appointment, undergoing a record number of medical examinations. A total of 173 ultrasounds, 63 electrocardiograms, 52 bone density measurements, and 58 PAP tests were carried out at the temporary but fully capable clinic, set up in the village’s old town hall building, along with hundreds of medical appointments with the mission’s 27 doctors, nurses, and medical staff. 

We left Sidirokastro, hoping that “the marks of this effort are only positive,” said Pantelis Vasiliou, a surgeon and a member of the MMU, and with the promise to come back again… to the white stone village with the iron castle. 

Meanwhile, the visits of the Mobile Medical Units continue uninterrupted and according to plan. Next stop, the village of Andritsena, Greece.