Providing State-of-the-Art Stroke Care in Queens
20 June 2019

In cases of stroke, where seconds matter, proximity to a hospital capable of providing the proper care can make all the difference.

The new Mount Sinai Queens Stroke Center in New York City’s Astoria neighborhood, inaugurated today, will provide greater access to a critical procedure in the borough.

This April, New York City put in place new guidelines for the care of stroke patients, including sending certain major stroke victims directly to hospitals capable of performing thrombectomy procedures. Mount Sinai Queens, with support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) will now offer patients a thrombectomy-capable stroke center. This grant builds on past support to Mount Sinai, and results will serve as a global model for training and research in advanced stroke care.

We know what it takes to provide quality medical care employing current best practices, and access to that care should not depend on where you happen to live,” said SNF Senior Program Officer Roula Siklas. “The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is proud to support Mount Sinai Queens in providing such care to stroke patients in Queens. This project is a testament to Mount Sinai’s vision along the axes of two very different timescales: the seconds that count in cases of stroke and the years and decades over which the Mount Sinai Queens Stroke Center will improve health outcomes. And through the research that takes place here, those benefits will extend far beyond the bounds of the borough.”

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