A New Era for an Old School in Elassona
06 June 2019

In a village on the southwestern slopes of Mount Olympus, the bell is ringing festively for the students of the Primary School and Kindergarten of Karya, Elassona. The school organized a great celebration for teachers, students, parents and all of us at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) on Friday, June 7, marking the completion of the school’s construction works.

A project that has long been a necessity for the local community has been realized. Now, the 1920s stone-built school is up to par with any other modern school building. In addition to renovating the school, the SNF grant covered the procurement of technological equipment to enhance teaching, as well as the development of outdoor areas including the addition of football and volleyball courts.

If the road takes you to Elassona, visit Karya Primary School & Kindergarten and say hello to students and teachers from all of us at SNF!