11 APRIL 2019 / World Leaders Forum with the Tällberg Foundation at Columbia University

What kind of leadership is required to meet the challenges of today and foresee the challenges of tomorrow? The Tällberg Foundation’s 2018 Eliasson Prize and Columbia’s Committee on Global Thought met for a discussion that incorporated global perspectives.

World Leaders Forum: Shaping the Future took place on Thursday, April 11 at Columbia University’s Casa Italiana. 

The winners of the 2018 Eliasson Prize participated in the panel discussion are Pakistani filmmaker, journalist, and activist Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy; Columbia University neuroscientist Rafael Yuste; and Pastor Nicolas Guérékoyame-Gbangou, a member of the Plateforme des Confessions Religieuses de Centrafrique. This group works to bridge religious and civic divides in the Central African Republic. The discussion was moderated by Vice Chair of the Committee on Global Thought Vishakha N. Desai.

The Eliasson Prize, named for Swedish diplomat and former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Jan Eliasson, honors leaders from around the world whose work is optimistic, rooted in universal values, and global in vision. The Tällberg Foundation was established nearly four decades ago with a goal of fostering thought and action on the pressing challenges facing liberal democracies around the world.