11 APRIL 2019 / Perimeter Institute Researcher helps Capture Image of Black Hole

In a much anticipated event, the team of the Event Horizon Telescope shared with the world the first ever image of a black hole.

Part of that team was Avery Broderick of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. To mark the photo’s release, The Perimeter Institute hosted a special webcast to discuss the Event Horizon Telescope team’s findings, with a panel that included Asimina Arvanitaki, a Perimeter Institute faculty member and Stavros Niarchos Foundation Aristarchus Chair in Theoretical Physics.

In 2016, Asimina Arvanitaki was named the inaugural Stavros Niarchos Foundation Aristarchus Chair in Theoretical Physics at Perimeter Institute. She is considered one of the world’s top emerging theoretical particle physicists, and SNF’s grant aimed to support her research.

The Perimeter Institute seeks to foster foundational research in theoretical physics, train physicists, and engage the public through educational outreach.