An interactive New Park Teaches Kids Road Safety
16 April 2019

The road to traffic safety is long, but working towards achieving this goal can start as early as elementary school. With this in mind, the Elementary School of Olynthos, in Chalkidiki, created the first interactive road safety park of its kind in Greece, located at the courtyard of the school. The park was officially opened on Friday, April 12, welcoming its first visitors (both those with and without a driver’s license).

This original new 500-square-meter park was created with a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), in collaboration with local residents and institutions, and includes road signs, pedestrian crossings, two-way roads, roundabouts, and traffic lights. Through experiential activities, schoolchildren will be able to learn the rules of safe road behavior from a very early age and eventually put a “Stop to Accidents,” as suggested by the project’s slogan.