Tällberg Foundation Ηosts Cairo Workshop on Leadership in an Age of Disruption
26 MARCH 2019

Traditional global power dynamics are shifting, technological developments are taking us in unexpected directions, and truly global challenges like climate change cannot be ignored.

What does leadership look like in this changed and changing world? The Tällberg Foundation recently convened a workshop in Cairo to discuss leadership in an age of disruption.

The workshop, which took place on March 24th and 25th at the American University in Cairo’s campus, was organized in conjunction with the University’s School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. Representatives from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) participated in the workshop, including SNF Co-President Andreas Dracopoulos, who spoke at the event.

The Tällberg Foundation holds workshops each year on topics of timely global importance. The most recent workshop, held in January near Boston at Tufts University’s Silklab, was its second event in a series of conversations on society and technology, “Inside Every Utopia is Dystopia: An Exploration.” In recent years, the Tällberg Foundation has hosted workshops around topics including migration, polarization in the 21st century, and technological disruption.

Leadership—what the term indicates beyond platitudes, how leaders can be identified, and what sort of leadership is required to meet today’s challenges—has been a particular focus for the Tällberg Foundation. Each year, the Foundation awards the Eliasson Global Leadership Prize, made possible through the support of SNF, to honor leaders from around the world whose work is optimistic, rooted in universal values, and global in vision.

The Tällberg Foundation was established nearly four decades ago with a goal of fostering thought and action on the pressing challenges facing liberal democracies around the world.