New Facilities for the IANOS Addiction Treatment Center in Thessaloniki
27 MARCH 2019

The new facilities of the IANOS Addiction Treatment Center will be inaugurated on Thursday, March 28 by Mayor of Thessaloniki Yiannis Boutaris and Vice Mayors Thanasis Pappas and Petros Lefakis.

The IANOS Center will provide a comprehensive therapeutic treatment cycle to people with drug addiction problems. The cycle includes, among other things, a psychosocial support counseling station, a physical detoxification unit, therapeutic activities, and a social reintegration unit.

The project for the renovation and outfitting of the new facilities for the IANOS Center is part of a €10 million grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) to the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The grant supports a range of initiatives aiming to strengthen social policy and innovative entrepreneurship, develop infrastructure and promotion for tourism and cultural heritage, and implement technical projects for the benefit of the city’s residents.