PEk/AmeA Honors the SNF - Stavros Niarchos Foundation

PEk/AmeA Honors the SNF
18 FEBRUARY 2019

On Friday, February 15th, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) was honored for its contribution to the efforts of the Educational Center for People with Disabilities in Piraeus (PEk/AmeA), as part of the organization’s award ceremony for supporters.

The SNF has helped support renovation works, as well as the outfitting of a new space for the Day Care and Creative Activities Center in the area of Tavros, which celebrated one year of operation a few days ago. In the past, the SNF has provided operating support to PEk/AmeA.

PEk/AmeA was founded in 1993, serving as a resource for people with disabilities in the wider region of Piraeus. Since 1997, the Association has operated the Educational Center for People with Disabilities, which provides psychosocial and counseling support, creative activities, independent living skills development, and more.