28 DECEMBER 2018 / The Αpplication Process for the SNF Internship Program for Winter and Summer 2019 has concluded

The application process for the SNF internship program for winter 2019 (Jan. 14th – Mar. 5th) and summer 2019 (May 13th – Aug. 2nd) has now concluded.

644 applications were received for places available across the SNF’s departments and offices. The quality of applications was impressive, and we were unable to offer spots to many compelling applicants. A sincere thank you to all candidates for their interest in the SNF internship program and the effort put into their applications.

The selection criteria included, but were not limited to, academic credentials and work experience. Practical or soft skills that may be of interest to the Foundation’s work were taken into account, as was offering an opportunity to experience the grant-making sector to those who would not otherwise have a chance to do so.

The candidates selected are the following:

SNF OFFICE Winter 2019
Programs Department Athens 1 Anna Tsilidou
Programs Department Athens 2 Effrosini Dioli
Programs Department Athens 3 Anna Kamperou
Programs Department Athens 4 Georgios Tompaziadis
Public Affairs Department Athens Konstantinos Zeimpekis
Technical Support Department Athens   Danai Stavrianou
IT Department Athens Archodoula Bontzidou


SNF OFFICE Summer 2019
Programs Department Athens  Olga Pantelaki
Public Affairs Department Athens Antonina Rozakea
Public Affairs Department - Graphic Design Athens Joshua Yang 
Technical Support Department Athens Stelios Belesis
Finance Department Athens Dimitra Markopoulou
IT Department Athens

Maria Falidouri


 The call for fall 2019 and winter 2020 internships will commence in April 2019.