No Finish Line, but Lofty Goals at Children & Future Event
19 November 2018

From November 10th-18th, Children & Future held their 19th annual No Finish Line event in Monaco.

No Finish Line takes place on a 1,400-meter track that remains open 24/7 for eight days. Participants run the track, but are free to do so at their own pace, as much or as little as they wish. For each kilometer run, one euro is donated to Children & Future. This euro-per-kilometer donation is supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) and others. If they wish, participants may also choose to commit to donating one euro per kilometer.

SNF has provided annual support to Children & Future for No Finish Line since 2012. Children & Future works to promote and defend the rights of children around the world by supporting projects in areas including health, education, and nutrition.

SNF was represented at the event by Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation’s Monaco office, Bernard Guilbaud and the Chief Financial Officer of the Monaco office, Fabien Martinez. His Serene Highness Prince Albert II honored the event with his presence.