05 DECEMBER 2017 / Vimagazino: “The SNFCC is a place where everyone finds their own favorite spot, their own corner”

The weekly magazine Vimagazino features a tribute to the SNFCC outlining the different types of people that visit the SNFCC, based on their age, interests and background. The article describes how the SNFCC, “which is currently the most popular destination on the Athenian map” is relevant to people of all ages and interests.

Athletes, students, children, families, nature lovers, couples and opera aficionados have an active role in shaping the SNFCC’s ever-changing identity which keeps at its core its open and inclusive character.

In particular, the article notes that “If someone were to ask me to whom does the SNFCC belong to, I wouldn’t be able to respond with a single word. Every age group has its own space and visitors are claiming a corner for themselves. What matters is that since January, 1st, 2017 to date, more than 2 million people have visited the SNFCC, while a total of 3,500 free events have been held. And all those visitors have definitely left [the SNFCC] smiling.”

In addition, the article referring to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation’ s contribution, highlights that the only benchmark that the SNF has set for continuing to support the SNFCC is that all events held at the SNFCC are free of charge.

To read the full article see here. (The text is available in Greek)